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We have very talented seamstresses we work with. Samples of clothes, harnesses, bows and pet specialty items they make can be found on display in our pet boutique or on our web site. You can purchase the sample or we can contact them and have one custom made to fit your pet. NO CREDIT - PAYMENT PLANS ACCEPTED ON ANY PET SUPPLY PURCHASE OVER $99.00

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Luxury Custom-Made Dog Beds

Luxury Pet Beds - We have a very unique selection of pet beds for the pampered pet

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Teacup and Toy Pets Boutique

Pet Supplies For Teacup & Toy Dog Breeds

Bakery Dog Cookies & Treats

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Luxury Dog Carriers - For the pampered pet

Pet Carriers Price Range $25 to $1,800.00

Dog Clothes

We have dog apparel small enough to fit a 6 oz puppy and large enough to fit a 50 pound dog. We can custom make any of our small dog clothes to fit up to a 75 pound dog.

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Fashionable Service Dog Vest

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