​Morkie History 
Combining the best qualities of the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier, the Morkie is one of several dozen "hybrid" dogs praised for being hypoallergenic and (supposedly) healthier than purebred canines. According to some breeders, the Morkie's excellent personality and solid health comes from "hybrid vigor," which is when a healthier dog results from mating two purebreds. 

The Look of the Morkie : 
When their long, silky coats are allowed to grow, the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier can look somewhat alike; however, the Morkie is a distinctive blend of the two. The Morkie has a small, compact frame covered in a long, silky coat that usually comes in shades of tan, black & tan and tri-colored (black, white & tan); some Morkies may even retain the Maltese's white coat. It has a medium-sized head with a rounded skull, hanging ears, short muzzle, dark nose and dark eyes. Like it's parents, the Morkie may develop an aristocratic posture or it may just look super-cute.

What They're Like to Live With : 

Blending the placidness of the Maltese, the assertiveness of the Yorkshire Terrier and the independence of both, the Morkie is a sociable and interactive pal, spreading good cheer wherever it goes. The Morkie is one of those breeds people stop on the street for. Ideal for the city or suburbs, the Morkie is playful in the yard and gentle in the living room. It plays well with children—especially older ones—and has a casual (though sometimes bold) way of interacting with other pets.

Though it enjoys snuggling, the Morkie is not your typical couch cuddler, and it definitely has an independent side: The Morkie often needs a little privacy to recharge. However, the Morkie craves attention from family members—if left alone for long periods of time it may get bored, destructive or depressed. A nice walk, a squeaky-toy game on the carpet or an afternoon snooze with its owner will always suffice. And if you're in the market for a compact watchdog, consider the Morkie: It's protective and quite fearless. 

Things You Should Know : 
Morkies are excellent city dogs, adjusting well to small spaces and different types of people. Whether you live in the city or country, make sure your Morkie gets a nice daily stroll and some time to run off the leash in a yard, park or other protected area. The Morkie should be groomed regularly, including daily combing and brushing if kept long. When letting the hair grow, consider tying its head hair in a rubber band to allow for better vision. The Morkie can live as long as 15 to 17 years. Being a hybrid breed, it suffers from few genetic health issues.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed sprang from five different dogs, including the Manchester Terrier, Dandie Dinmont and the Paisley Terriers. The Maltese and Skye Terrier were bred for their beautiful, long, silky coat. What many people love about the Yorkshire Terrier is their adorable baby face features. 
If this look is what you desire the most in your Yorkshire Terrier you may consider a Morkie. Breeding the Yorkshire Terrier to a pure breed Maltese brings out a stronger baby face and a more desirable silky-soft coat texture, making the Morkie now the #2 designer breed in the world.

Morkie Puppies Are The #2 Designer Breed In The World!

​​Average price for our available puppies is: $675.00 - $4,500.00
Adoption Pets when available range from $50.00 to $675.00 and are occasionally listed for free.

Morkie Breed Information