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Daisy Puppies are currently in the top 3 designer breeds in the world.

Daisy Puppies Are A Shih Tzu / MaltiPoo Mix 

What do you get when you mix the beautiful, easy to groom, and hardy Maltese with the bright playfulness and sensitivity of a cute, curly haired poodle? 

You get a MaltiPoo, a toy mix that is adorable, hardy, playful, and intelligent. 
In addition, many people find the MaltiPoo to be hypoallergenic. This is because both the Maltese and Poodle belong to classes of dog breeds that are hypoallergenic for most people. 

The Maltipoo breed with a beautiful party colored ShihTzu creates the fastest growing designer breed in the U.S.A. Daisy puppies.

What our customers like the most about Daisy puppies:

Temperament: Mild, calm, moderate temperament with a carefree easygoing personality.
They are not high strung or dominate.

Not big on chewing: They don't chew on furniture, electrical wires or home furnishing.

Well Mannered: They enjoy having their own personal toys and blanket.

Very Mild Barking: They do not have a watch dog personality.
If they hear a sound outside or a knock at the door they will bark to alert you, then stand obendiantly at your side to greet your guest.

Playful: They love to spin around and act silly to entertain you if they know they are the center of attention.

Grooming: Their hair does not grow as rapidly as a ShihTzu or Maltese and will require less trips to the groomer, offering a long term savings over less expensive pets.

Hair Texture: Silky soft hair that is easy to comb, does not tangle or become matted easily.

Eyes: Everyone loves the beautiful party colored Shih Tzu's but wishes their eyes where more centered.

 Daisies do not have problems with eye diseases that is commonly found in a purebred Shih Tzu.
One of the most common diseases in a pure breed Shih Tzu with large protruding eyes is due to the brachiocephalic skull.
Brachiocephalic dogs are those dogs that have shortened noses and very prominent eyes due to shallow orbits. The orbit is the bony socket that surrounds the eye. 
The shallow bony orbit in the short-nosed dog causes the eyeball itself to be in a more prominent position, giving the appearance of being larger than dogs of similar sizes with longer noses. Along with this skull conformation, there is the problem of lagophthalmos. Lagophthalmos is an inability to properly close the eyelid over the cornea. Lagophthalmic dogs are generally those dogs that have an enlarged palpebral fissure. The palpebral fissure is the space between the upper and lower eyelids. Brachiocephalic dogs classically have all their cornea exposed when the eyes are open and generally they have sclera (the white of the eyeball) exposed also.
This conformation causes two clinically serious consequences to the pure breed Shih Tzu.

1. The Pure breed Shih Tzu is they are more prone to exposure keratitus. Keratitis is inflammation of the cornea. In its most severe form, it is ulcerative. A deep ulcer can cause the cornea to rupture. Chronic low grade exposure keratitus leads to central scarring of the cornea and pigmentary changes on the surface of the cornea which can decrease vision. 

2. The second big problem related to brachiocephalic skull conformation that the Shih Tzu has, is proptosis. 
The brachiocephalic breeds of dogs are more pre-disposed to traumatic proptosis of the globe than dogs that have longer noses. When a globe moves forward out of the orbit, as happens with proptosis, the eyelids clamp behind the eyeball itself and cause the venous blood from the eye not to be able to return. This causes a lack of oxygen to the retina and can lead to blindness within minutes. If a Shih Tzu has a proptosed globe it is an emergency! Emergency eye surgery can be very expensive and may be the only hope they have if you attempt to save their vision and save the eye. 

With a Daisy puppy you can enjoy the beautiful party colors and carefree easygoing personality of the ShihTzu without the eye problems found in the purebred.
Combine that with the most intellegent easy to train breed in the world a " Poodle " and you have a pet that can offer you and your family many years of joy & happiness. I, have done research on the mix of these breeds and find them very compatable.

 If you don't find what you are looking for you may want to get on our waiting list if you need a specific color or size. 

We select the parents for both color, size and personality and keep only the best quality parents for breeding which makes our Daisy puppies very different from others you may have seen. 
Getting on the waiting list for one will sometimes allow you the extra time needed to save for your new pet or get supplies you may need for them such as a dogie bed, chew toys, collar, leash, book about training or the breed you plan to get, food bowl, puppy litter. Or may give you time to get a place ready in your yard that your puppy can enjoy at playtime.



The Maltese has "human-like" hair that sheds minimally, and the Poodle has non-shedding hair. For this reason, many people that are allergic to other breeds find that they are not allergic to the Malti-Poo. The Maltese has soft, silky hair that does not shed and does not have many of the genetic health problems that get passed down through other breeds. For this reason, Maltese are one of the healthiest toy breeds available.  


The MaltiPoo has soft silky curls that do not get matted. Because their hair is so easy to comb through, they can be ready for a night out or a visit with friends in a moments notice. 

A lot of people call them a Fancy little dog because have become a favorite of many celebrities like 
Actress: Blake Lively, Ashley Tisdale, 
Pop Singers: Jessica Simpson, Ciara & Rihanna
They are more of a pampered pet not the kind of dog you would put in your backyard and forget about. In my opinion they are very carefree and fun loving little dog with lots of personality eager to play ball and can amuse themselves for hours with their own little toys. 

Personality: They have a very carefree and loving personality. When someone comes to my door I will have to admit my Chihuahuas are on guard and sometimes bark at my visitors and it does take a couple of minutes to calm them down. 
The Maltese and Malti-Poos seem to greet every stranger at the door with a smile. They may bark once or twice when they hear the door bell, but once they have noticed that you are welcoming in the visitor they are right by your side to let them know they are happy to see them. Eager to be patted and noticed. They are not yap yap per"s or high strung at all. You even have to be careful about taking them outside unattended they want to greet everyone that passes by and may be willing to follow them home if they feel they will get some extra attention. They are very sweet little lap dogs and make a great little friend to pal around with.  

​Daisy Colors: Daisies are normally party colored and have Shih Tzu, Maltese & Poodle colors.

Grooming: You can keep a short puppy cut with a teddy bear face that needs very little grooming even as adults.

Or you can let their hair grow long in length and put a little pony tail with a bow on top. .