1. If you are looking for a cheap teacup or toy puppy, you maybe setting yourself up to get scammed.

Counterfeit teacup dog breeders and internet scammers prey on people that want cheap teacups & tiny puppies.

2. If size is important to you; Ask for a written money back size guarantee.

Counterfeit teacup dog breeders will offer excuses on why they don't offer one - true teacup dog breeders are proud of the puppies they sale and are willing to stand behind their size with a written size guarantee.

2. Look for a licensed dog breeder because they pride themselves in offering the highest quality of healthy puppies & will stand behind the puppy they sell. Like a licensed physician or veterinarian, they want to keep their license clear of complaints.

3. Based on the FBI website, 99% of the pet sellers that request a western union or money gram are scams. They steal pictures from Pinterest and other breeder web sites. Call their bluff - Tell them that you work for the police department and that you will be in their area tomorrow for a job assignment and that you will pick your puppy up in person and pay when you arrive. I think you will be surprised at how fast they stop communicating with you.

4. Puppy mills use senior citizens & individuals with fake names as a cover up to meet with buyers at remote places like stores to sell their puppies so that you don't see where the puppies are kept. You also have no one to sue for a refund or report with an address or legal name if your pet becomes deathly sick and dies.
Don't be afraid to ask the people that you are going to buy from to bring their license or Government ID so that you can confirm that their name and address match the purchase agreement.

5. Most young puppies that die within the first 5 days are related to Parvovirus, Distemper, worm infestation or internal parasites. A minimum 10 day health guarantee will get you past that danger zone.

6. Make sure your health guarantee has a legal name, full home address and phone number. With the breeders license number.
                                 Educate yourself with knowledge before making a impulse decision!

We don't always have what people are looking for so I wanted to offer some tips on buying a new puppy:

Most breeders receive 30 to 100 phone calls and e-mails a day from people that are looking for cheap teacup puppies, making it easy for breeders to tell people just what they want to hear. " Sure, we will sell you a cheap teacup puppy! " or " I don't size guarantee my puppies or call them teacup, but I can tell you they are extremely tiny and come from parents that only weigh 3 pounds and will be willing to show you the parents when you come to see the puppies"
Do you have any idea how many times they may have showed their tiniest dogs to every customer that walked in the door and said this is the parents.

Right now that the economy is down breeders are doing all they can to move their puppies and take money from innocent people that don't know what a real teacup looks like.

I, wish I had a dollar for every customer that told us they purchased a teacup puppy for a low price and six months later ended up with a puppy that was four times the weight they expected it to be or spent an outragous amount of money trying to keep the poor thing alive. Because the only reason it looked so tiny is beacuse it was only 4 or 5 weeks old. Most of them don't even have teeth and have not been properly weaned from their Mother. When the richness from their Mother's milk has left their body and they are dependent on their own immune system to keep them going, they crash and become anemic followed by hypoglycemia.

Breeders are banking on you falling in love with the pet you purchased and keeping it, that is why they don't offer longer health guarantees or any type of size guarantee. Think about it, if you had true teacup puppies for sale wouldn't you be proud to stand behind them and assure your customers they were buying a true teacup?  Then why are they not willing to give you a written size guarantee? 

Even the cheap toy puppies you see advertised can grow to be 25 to 40 pounds and the breeders will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell you one of these puppies.
EXAMPLE:  Sure we can sell you a really tiny little teacup puppy for only $300.00  You know what they say about " If it sounds to good to be true " .
Dog breeders are like used cars salesmen, they never have anything nice to say about another breeder.
It's up to you to educate yourself so that you don't get scammed by a quick cash breeder that could care less how big your puppy gets or after they have taken your money.

‚Äč                     Looking for a low priced teacup puppy?  You may be setting yourself up to be scammed!

                                                                 IS SIZE IMPORTANT TO YOU!

If buying a true teacup puppy is really important to you please read this information page; it offers warning tips and advice on what to ask a breeder and how to know if you are buying a true teacup puppy.

                                         " A cheap puppy can be the most expensive puppy you will ever buy"
                                   " A cheap teacup puppy can grow up to 4 times the size you originally wanted "
         " 98% of cheap teacup dogs are counterfeit, true teacup dog breeders know their value & don't sell them cheap"
Don't get stuck with outrageous vet bills from buying a puppy through a quick cash breeder (puppy mill) that offers you a tiny 4 or 5 week old puppy that is not ready to leave it's mother, trying to convince you it is a teacup. They look very tiny at that age. That cheap, so-called teacup could one day grow to be 3 or 4 times the size you wanted.
Take the time to read helpful information below and our buyers beware to help you find a honest reputable dog breeder. Basically you get what you pay for.

Example: You can't walk into a Kia car dealership and expect to get a Lexus. However if you purchased a Lexus and the dealership delivered you a Kia, you would want some of your money back wouldn't you?

This is why you need a written money back size guarantee, if size is important to you.
Counterfeit teacup dog breeders will give you every excuse in the book as to why they don't offer written money back size guarantees. It's up to you to educate yourself on how to get what you want for your money. We have helped millions of people get a true teacup puppy or a healthy puppy just by reading this page.

Teacup & Micro Tiny Teacup Puppies are now the most requested and searched pets on the Internet. millions of people want them.
                                          They rank as high as searches for a new car, home or health information.