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Breed: Biewer Yorkie/MorkieSex: FemaleAGE: Adult - 1 Year

Size: Tiny Teacup

Weight: 3 lbs. 9 oz.

Date Weighed: 05-01-19

Coat Type: Silky SoftColor: Parti-colored

Personality Comments:

Mild, Clingy Personality

Pet Status:

Advanced in Training

Celebrity Bloodline:


(Set of 4 Vaccines)

This Pet is up to date on vaccines specific to it's current age

Pet is FULLY vaccinated
Kennel Cough - Bordetella Date Given: 08-10-18
Annual Boosters DAPPV Vaccine Date Given: 12-29-17



Coupons cannot be used on this puppy until

it reaches 12 weeks of age.

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Puppy Number

# BIEWER 156

​Adoption Financing Price Option # 4 - NOT AVAILABLE
Pre-Adoption Price with 10 Day Heath Guarantee with free puppy starter kit.
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(This discounted price is a self service internet price for customers that submit an application prior to visiting)​​​​​

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Discounted Price Option # 3 - Price $9,875

Discounted Price - Maybe Used With Pet Financing

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Credit / Debit / Check / Cash /Bank Transfer
Easy Payment Financing or Wags, My Pet Funding, Lending USA

(This discounted price is a self service internet price for customers that submit an application prior to visiting)

Starting Price Option # 2- Price $10,875

Starting Puppy Price

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Credit / Debit, Check / Cash / Bank Transfer / Easy Payment Financing with Wags, My Pet Funding or Lending USA, etc

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Adoption / Pre-Adoption Price Option # 5 - Price: $7875

Payment Methods Accepted For This Price Option:
This price is not available for customers that need pet financing

(This discounted price is a self service internet price for customers that submit an application prior to visiting)
This puppy will go back to the starting price on the 1st of every month.


Price if picked up by 5-24 by 1:00 pm $6775 / Price if picked up by 5 pm $6875

This price is available ONLY to customers that submit an application online the day before coming and confirm by 8:00 am the day of viewing appointment.
Employees don't always have time or remember to tell you the rules. It is your responsibility to read the rules if you want to purchase a Deal of The Day puppy. If you saw the discounted price then you had the opportunity to read the rules. You will be required to pay the starting price if you did not submit an application for each puppy that you are considering prior to coming, sorry no exceptions will be made. 

1. You must submit an application the day before or by 6:00 am on puppy pick-up or viewing day.
2. Contact us to confirm your application was received and price will still be valid during your appointment if you come within time allowed. Rebecca 972-552-1989 or Krystal 972-989-5266
3. Confirm your viewing appointment by 8:00 am the day of your appointment by phone or text.
3. Pick-up before expiration date and time.
4. Pay with Cash. (No credit card fees or risk of bounced check)
5. Pick-Up within 2 business hours on Saturday and 4 business hours weekdays.
6. We do not hold puppies for the deal of the day price. If an application comes in for price option # 1, # 2, # 3 before you come the pet in question will be sold. However, the pet will be held for you if you contact us before you leave your home and let us know you are on your way.
7. Not Available on weekends or after expiration time above. However, price may be extended until noon on the first Saturday of the month by request only. January - October.
8. ​This price is not available for customers that need pet financing or shipping.

The reason we do not quote the discounted price in person or over the phone is because their are strict rules to go by in order to receive this pet at a discounted price.
​(This discounted deal of the day price is a self-service internet price for customers that are on a budget and need to save and submit an application prior to visiting. If you would like to purchase a pet at a discounted price it is up to you to locate one on our web site and submit an application prior to visiting.)