3. Every puppy has their own page with price, date of birth, size, sex, photos and additional information. 

4. Choose the price option that works best for you - prices are subject to change at any time.
5. The only price we will quote you when you visit and over the phone is the starting price.

6. Puppies are sold to the first person to submit an application for it online or in person.  

   (Back-Up applications accepted on pets that are on hold for pick-up or payment)

7. Purchase applications take priority over viewing appointments. If someone submits an application on a puppy you are coming to see and you did not submit an application for it, the pet in questions will be sold.

8. If you want a puppy held for you until you can get a chance to see it or ask questions about about it you will need to submit an application for it. If an application comes in for the puppy 5 minutes before yours it will be sold.

9. If you want to purchase a puppy at the lowest price available, you must submit an application before you come.
10. Contact us to confirm it was received and set up a viewing time.

11. Confirm your viewing appointment by 8:00 am the day of your viewing or puppy pick-up appointment.
12. Free Hold time is 4 hours weekdays and 2 hours on weekends and Christmas Eve as long as you confirm you are coming the day of your appointment. Pets can be held longer with paid hold fee.

#YK 586 Female Yorkie

Rules and information for getting a puppy at a discounted price.
1. You must submit an application for the pet you are interested in prior to visiting our location or you will be charged and quoted the starting price.
2. Deal of The Day Puppies can be posted on any breed page! Look for price option # 5 or  # 6 it is always the lowest price available.
3. Submitting a viewing appointment is not the same as submitting an adoption application or purchase. You will still be charged the starting price for the puppy you requested to see if you did not submit an application for it.
4. If someone submits an application for the pet you have only requested a viewing appointment for it could be sold before your viewing appointment time.
5. We do not hold pets at the discounted price. 
6. If someone is ready to proceed with purchasing a puppy at the starting price and you have submitted an offer to purchase it at a discounted price and you are wanting to pick the pet up after the people that are ready to buy now the pet in question will be sold to the people that are ready to buy now at the starting price

Baby Doll Face Yorkie Puppies For Sale or Adoption

Select puppies over 4 months of age are marked down every 2 to 10 day, however you must submit an application for it before visiting our location if you want to purchase it at the discounted price. (The lowest price offered is option# 5 or  # 6 and it is subject to change if it is a deal of the day price - it can only be seen from a computer or I-Pad not cell phone)