Adoption Application for Puppies


The only price we quote you at our walk in location is the starting price. Deal of the day and adoption price could change before arrive at our location however if your application has been confirmed and you come the same day your application was received the price will be honored.

IMPORTANT: You must CALL or TEXT between 4:00 am and 8:00 am to confirm your viewing appointment the day you are coming to see puppies at 972-552-1989 or 972-989-5266 
Please tell us your first and last name along with puppy number and breed when confirming your application was received in case another application was received with the same first name as yours or puppy number.

ANSWER TO COMMONLY ASKED ADOPTION PET QUESTIONS BELOW                                                    

   "Advanced Adoption Puppies"

You may see remarks that say this puppy has no known health problems, because the puppy has become older and did not sell in the puppies available for sale photo gallery. 
Or we had several new puppies coming up and offered the adoption option on available puppies to make room for new puppies.
A puppy that has been placed in our adoption section can be a great advantage.

1. Advanced Adoption Puppies have had all or most of their vaccines. 
2. Advanced Adoption Puppies are normally more advanced in house training because we have had more time to work with them. 
3. Advanced Adoption Puppies do not have problems with hypoglycemia.
4. Advanced Adoption Puppies are at a stage where they are showing more of their personality.
5. Advanced Adoption Puppies are at the perfect age to learn tricks and simple voice commands.

                              Adopting from Teacup And Toy Pets  vs Adopting from SPCA and Local Shelter.

SPCA and Animal Shelters require that your pet be spayed or neutered immediately

(Spay and Neuter Price ranges from $75.00 to $250.00 in addition to your adoption fee.)

It is mandatory that your pet be spayed or neutered and given all puppy vaccines including rabies within a certain time period or you may have to pay a fine thru the city that you live in.

SPCA and Animal Shelters do not offer any type of health guarantee their pets are offered AS IS.

Teacup And Toy Pets now offers their adoption pets with a health guarantee and puppy starter package.

Most animal adoption centers require that your home be inspected before they will consider your application and will need to interview your family before they will allow you to adopt one of their pets.

It is also very rare that they will have any small breeds and almost never have Toy Breeds.

SPCA and Animal Shelters do not offer pet shipping for pets available at their locations.

Teacup And Toy Pets at your request offers pet shipping to most locations in the U.S.A.

When you adopt a new puppy you need to keep your puppy on his / her vaccines as well as have your puppy's health checked. It is highly recommended that you have a stool sample done to check for worms and other parasites, regardless of whom you adopt or purchase your puppy from.

SPCA and Animal Shelters do not offer a coupon for a free vet office visit.

( SPCA Average cost $100.00 to $250.00 )

At your request Teacup And Toy Pets will give you a coupon voucher for a local vet that will cover the cost of your first office visit.

Our waiting list customers with paid deposits or paid application fee will get first choice of our adoption puppies. If you are not on our waiting list for an adoption pet, please click open the link below and submit an application.

Please request that we send you an adoption application if you would like to be added to the waiting list for an adoption pet. 
 Adoption fee depends on the vaccines & care that the pet needed before it could be adopted.

 If you cannot pick your puppy up in person at our location we can ship the adoption puppy to you if it is at our location. Shipping is not included in the adoption price.

The price of regular pet shipping plus shipping crate may be higher on larger breeds depending on size and weight.

We also have a very limited amount of space for them and prefer to let them go with a family that is ready to provide a home for them right away rather that hold them for undecided customers.

We do charge $50.00 a day for every day that we hold a puppy for you if you cannot receive it right away.

A $75 to $100 application fee is required to adopt one of our available puppies and may be added to the adoption price.